Your Ultimate Guide to Cinnamon Butter

Cinnamon might be one of the most commonly found spices in a kitchen spice cabinet now, but it used to be more valuable than gold and the most profitable traded spice. Now, cinnamon is known to improve gut health, lower blood sugar, and manage blood pressure. Oh, and you might know it for being the perfect companion to sugar. When you add butter to the mix, be prepared to never want to eat anything else for breakfast. Plain butter sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar has officially met its match: cinnamon butter. It’s sugar, spice, and everything nice.

What is cinnamon butter made of?

Many DIY cinnamon butter recipes feature confectioners sugar, also known as powdered sugar. Here at Epicurean Butter, we do things a bit differently and use brown sugar. To make our Cinnamon & Brown Sugar Flavored Butter, we start with fresh, creamy, European-style butter and add brown sugar, honey, and Saigon cinnamon. European-style butter is churned longer to achieve at least 82% butterfat, which makes it richer and creamier than its American counterpart. We think these ingredients create the best butter texture and most balanced level of sweetness.

What to put cinnamon butter on

The obvious answer to this is breads, breads, and more breads. Warm muffins, classic toast, pancakes, raisin bread, waffles, and bagels can all get a boost of sweet indulgence when spread with Cinnamon & Brown Sugar Flavored Butter. But this butter isn’t just good for spreading. Keep reading for recipes that feature this flavored butter as a key ingredient.

    • Cinnamon Brown Sugar French Toast Waffles: Chicago-based Sarah, also known as @sbtcooks on Instagram, has created a craveable cinnamon breakfast recipe for us. If you love a quick, indulgent treat for breakfast and have trouble deciding between French toast and waffles—this is for you.
    • Apple Cinnamon Streusel Muffins: These moist muffins are stuffed with apples and spice and everything nice. Epicurean Butter Cinnamon & Brown Sugar Flavored Butter is used both in the muffin mix and in the streusel. 
    • Cinnamon Pancakes: What’s not to love about warm, fluffy pancakes made from scratch and smothered with cinnamon butter, fresh berries, and maple syrup? Drooling already.?
    • Cinnamon Brown Sugar Sweet Rolls: These homemade gooey sweet rolls look like you spent hours in the kitchen, but they take less than one to prep and bake. The best news? Make them with just three simple ingredients. 
    • Cinnamon Pull-Apart Monkey Bread: This yummy pull-apart bread takes a bit of prep (mostly time for the dough to rise), but it’s worth the wait. Kids are sure to love this shareable bread on a lazy Sunday morning. 
    • Mayan Chocolate Truffles: Cayenne pepper, cinnamon butter, and cocoa powder create depth and spice inside these decadent truffles. Top these with any sprinkles you like to make them festive!
    • Cinnamon Brown Sugar Rice Crispy Treats: Flavored butter adds an extra flavor element to these classic marshmallow treats perfect for a kid Halloween party or any occasion.
    • Cinnamon Brown Sugar Graham Cracker Crust: Traditional graham cracker crust gets an update when you swap regular butter for Epicurean Butter Cinnamon & Brown Sugar. Use it with your favorite cheesecake recipe.  
    • Apple Cinnamon Coffee Cake: Granny Smith apples and pecans come together to form layers of crunch, tartness, and sweetness. This one is definitely a party pleaser.

Cinnamon butter shelf life and storage

How long does cinnamon butter last?

If you make your own cinnamon butter, be sure to use it within two weeks. When you buy Epicurean Butter Cinnamon & Brown Sugar Butter, you’re good to go until about five months after production. Just check the dates on your container.

Does cinnamon butter need to be refrigerated?

Cinnamon butter will last longer if you refrigerate it between uses. Just set it on the counter and let the butter get to room temperature when you want to be able to spread it over all those yummy breads.

Can you freeze cinnamon butter?

Yes! You can store cinnamon butter for up to two months in the freezer. Pro tip: Put your butter on some saran wrap, gently but tightly wrap it up, and place it in your freezer. Be sure to get it cold in the refrigerator before freezing, and begin to thaw in the fridge when you’re ready to enjoy.

Where to buy Cinnamon butter

You can experiment with making cinnamon butter at home, or you can trust the experts and buy chef-crafted cinnamon butter that’s ready to use. Make memories, not messes.

Order Cinnamon & Brown Sugar Flavored Butter straight from the Epicurean Butter website and have it shipped to your door. We recommend adding Pumpkin Spice Flavored Butter (seasonal) and Honey Flavored Butter to your cart for a trio of sweet flavored butter that you can experiment with to find your favorite flavor combinations.


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