Your Most Frequently Asked Questions About Tuscan Herb Butter

Transport yourself to the rich history and luxurious landscape of Tuscany with a flavored butter made with all of the most beloved Italian herbs and spices. As they say in Italy, saluti!

What is Tuscan herb butter?

Tuscan Herb butter is a butter that’s flavored with Italian herbs and spices, which—unlike some other flavored butters that have more straightforward names like Roasted Garlic—leaves room for some ingredient flexibility. 

When you Google DIY recipes for Tuscan herb butter, you’ll find many. Most of them feature three basic ingredients: sun dried tomatoes, basil, and garlic. Here at Epicurean Butter, we make Tuscan Herb Flavored Butter with the fragrant herbs that are most suggestive of the Italian region this blend is named after. We leave the sun dried tomatoes out of our Tuscan Herb Flavored Butter (we prefer it as an ingredient you can add to your dishes separately), and instead incorporate parsley, thyme, and rosemary—a few other typical Tuscan herbs. Another must-have, but sometimes overlooked ingredient in the best Tuscan herb butter is simple: black pepper. No artificial flavors are ever used in Epicurean Butter, only fresh or fresh-frozen ingredients.

What does Tuscan herb butter taste like?

A rich smell is half the appeal with a Tuscan herb blend. The other half? That almost magical balance of sweetness and freshness combined with a hint of peppery bite. What is the difference between Tuscan and Italian seasoning? The black pepper we mentioned above. The more you know!

When you combine the unique flavors of Tuscan herbs with real butter, the result is a burst of flavor that can make just about anything taste even better—whether you’re using it as a core ingredient or as a finishing touch.

What is finishing butter used for?

Whether you’ve seen it called finishing butter, compound butter, infused butter, or flavored butter—the concept is the same. That being said, one of the most popular uses for flavored butter is “finishing” a dish. When you’re done cooking, don’t bust out the napkins and silverware just yet. Drop a couple tablespoons of flavored butter over your steak, salmon, or chicken, let it melt, and then serve. If you’re cooking veggies, stir the butter in a bit to equally distribute before digging in.

Get adventurous with Tuscan herb butter

    • Level up an old favorite: Speaking of veggies, you can add some  extra flavor to traditional recipes by swapping out some of your standard ingredients for Tuscan herb butter. Your grandma’s green bean casserole is delicious, but it could use an upgrade from that canned soup - check out our version here.
    • Build a butter board: If you spend any time online, you’ve noticed butter boards are taking over the internet and party planning circles. Most of the butter board recipes feature plain butter layered with herbs, spices, and drizzled toppings. When you use Tuscan herb butter as your base, you can build an entire Italian experience. The sky’s the limit, but our chefs experimented and recommend this set of ingredients:

Where to buy Tuscan herb butter

You can buy all the ingredients to make Tuscan herb butter at home, or you can save some time and buy chef-created flavored butter that’s ready to use. Make memories, not messes. Order it straight from the Epicurean Butter website and have it shipped to your door or find it at a store near you!


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