How to Finish a Dish With Compound Butter

There are a million different recipes out there for compound butter. There’s a reason these recipes are so prevalent: compound butter is delicious and makes cooking easy.

But, Epicurean Butter makes cooking at home even easier. Our compound butter flavors are ready-to-go so, they will save you time in the kitchen, and they always taste the same. They make everything taste better, and there is a flavor for every mood.

Wondering how to use compound butter? It's really easy!

How to use compound butter

There are many ways to use compound butter (aka flavored butter). You can sauté, cook, bake, and finish with it. You can use it any way you want, but the most popular way is to finish dishes. When the dish is complete and you are ready to dig in, add a tablespoon or two (or three) of compound butter and allow it to melt delicately from the heat of the already cooked dish. Often we will leave the butter alone on a piece of meat or fish and let it do the job itself, but if it’s a vegetable, we will stir or toss before serving for equal distribution.



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