Award Season For Epicurean Butter

In addition to receiving a sofi Award and exhibiting at the Fancy Food Show recently, we have also been honored with a Colorado Companies to Watch 2016 Award. It’s been an exciting season of awards, new products and packaging, and traveling--you might say that Epicurean Butter has been on a roll this summer!

Sofi award - best dairy or dairy alternative product

In June, we were awarded an esteemed sofi for our new Organic Cocoa Coconut Butter at a gala in New York. Over the next few days, we joined other industry professionals as exhibitors at the Summer Fancy Food show where we had the opportunity to show off our new flavors and single-serve packaging. Click here to read all about the sofi Award winners this year.

Colorado companies to watch 2016 - taste sensations

Colorado Companies to Watch held a gala on June 17th to celebrate 50 local companies, and Epicurean Butter was among them. The CCTW is an awards program that sets out to honor second-stage companies for the critical role they play in our state and community economies.

They look for companies that are quietly creating jobs, developing innovation and contributing to their communities. Or as cobizmag says, “the innovators, the disruptors, the risk-takers, the success-seekers.” It is a great honor to be in this group and to have been chosen as winners of the 2016 Taste Sensation Award.

Let's get social

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