Epicurean sofi Award Winner 2016: Organic Cocoa Coconut Butter

Summer is off to an exciting start here at Epicurean Butter. We have some announcements!

First, we’d like to announce a brand new, chef-created Epicurean product that you’re going to love. Introducing Organic Cocoa Coconut Butter made with rBST-free butter, coconut oil, honey, cocoa powder, and Himalayan sea salt. Rich chocolate and luscious coconut--it’s a smooth, slightly sweet blend that melts beautifully onto croissants, toast, waffles, in coffee, or even straight from the container. The ingredient list is short and everything is organic and non-GMO, so it makes a delicious and wholesome part of your meal anytime of day. Available in 3.5 oz tubs and in convenient single-serve packets.

Big news! Epicurean Organic Cocoa Coconut Butter is a 2016 sofi Award winner! For those of you who don’t know, sofi stands for “specialty outstanding food innovation”. The sofi Awards represent the best of the best in culinary creativity across America and around the world. It is the highest honor in the specialty food industry. Winners and finalists are selected at the Specialty Food Association headquarters in New York City by a national panel of culinary experts. It is quite an honor and we can’t wait to bring the prestigious sofi trophy back to the Epicurean office in Colorado.     

Epicurean Butter Organic Cocoa Coconut Butter is sofi award winner

The Specialty Food Association, the founding organization behind the sofi Awards, is celebrating 60 years of bringing together professionals in the specialty food industry. Their history goes back to the early 1950’s when servicemen returned home from overseas with memories of different cultures and foods. Some of the men formed companies to bring those food products over to the U.S. These companies saw potential strength in creating a trade association and the National Association for the Specialty Food Trade and Specialty Foods Association was born. Since then, SFA has built a global community of people who are passionate about specialty foods. They recognize outstanding specialty food companies annually with the prestigious sofi Awards, and they also host the Fancy Food Show for members and other experts in the industry.

As members of the Specialty Food Association and winners of the sofi Award, Epicurean will participate as an exhibitor at the Summer Fancy Food Show in New York on June 26-28. We’ll be there to share Epicurean Butter and to show off our innovative Organic Cocoa Coconut Butter blend with experts in the industry, producers, retailers, distributors, and other members of the trade. If you plan on visiting the show, be sure to make your way to Epicurean booth #4076. If you’re in the Houston area, you can also find Epicurean at IDDBA Seminar and Expo on June 5-7.


Have you tried Epicurean Organic Cocoa Coconut Butter? We’ve love to hear what you think!

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