IDDBA and Epicurean Butter Game Changers

Epicurean Butter has been getting a lot of attention this summer thanks to our new packaging and the release of our new flavors!

This June, Epicurean Butter was an exhibitor at the IDDBA Seminar and Expo in Houston. The event was our first opportunity to show off our certified Organic Roasted Garlic Herb Finishing Butter, unique Organic Cocoa Coconut Butter, and our brand new Knead, Squeeze, and Enjoy single-portion packaging.

We received some wonderful feedback on the expo floor and in various publications including:

    • Trendhunter which said that Epicurean Butter “builds on flavor with natural ingredients” and calls it a “fresh spin” on gourmet butter.
    • Daily Dose of Dairy reviewed the new products we introduced at IDDBA and called them “game changers.”
    • Food Business News discussed the role that Epicurean Butter plays in the increase in popularity of butter over margarine. They note that “as cooking skills increase, so does awareness of the importance of high-quality ingredients.” We couldn’t agree more.

Join us as we bring all of our new, chef-created products to the Summer Fancy Food Show in NYC June 26-28, 2016.

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