Introducing Single-Serve Butter Packets

At Epicurean, we like to keep things fresh—fresh ingredients, fresh butter, and fresh ideas. This summer, we came up with something that’s really shaking things up.

Introducing our new one-ounce single-serve butter packets!

They’re portable, convenient, and available in all of the Epicurean flavors including the award winning Organic Cocoa Coconut Butter. They are just the right amount of fresh, culinary-inspired butter to finish your meal like a pro.

We call them Knead, Squeeze, and Enjoy packets. If you really, really love butter, you might call them “portion-controlled packs”. One thing everyone agrees on is that they are game-changers.

These gourmet condiments make meal prep even easier. Simply knead and squeeze into sauces, pasta, oatmeal, or onto veggies, bread, or grilled meat and fish. The possibilities are endless.

This is where you can expect to find your Knead Squeeze and Enjoy:

    • Alongside grab and go cases in the bakery, produce, or seafood department at grocery and specialty food stores.
    • Included in meal kits as many upscale grocers are now packaging protein, vegetables, and finishing butter together with instructions to make cooking at home a very, simple, healthy, and delicious process.

Gourmet rBST-free finishing butter in single-serve packets? It doesn’t get much fresher than that.


Are you interested in carrying or including Epicurean single-serve packets in your meal prep kits? Click here to find out more.

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