Epicurean Butter’s Rules to Sandwich Making

Butter has a place on any and all sandwiches, not just a grilled cheese. However, we do have a few rules we hope you will follow in your sandwich making. :-)

Rule 1: use quality ingredients

Sandwiches don’t have to be basic or an afterthought. Step it up a notch with high-quality flavors. No more white bread and sad, discounted lunch meat. Try some of that leftover steak between two slices of artisan sourdough. Consider in-season produce for a colorful meal - like A Cook’s Canvas' creation of Radishes with Butter and Sea Salt on a Baguette.

Rule 2: pick only a few ingredients

It may be clever for that new burger joint to create monster burgers you can’t fit your lips around, but we feel it’s more dignified for a sandwich to be eaten easily and that all of its ingredients can be enjoyed without competing for attention. We’re not alone in this. There’s a $26 sandwich in Washington DC that has only three main ingredients - and it’s the second most popular dish on the menu.

Rule 3: choose salted and flavored butter

With only a few ingredients, every single one has to count, and your condiment is no exception. You could go for mayo, but butter is a good choice, too. Butter softens the bread. Butter provides a rich flavor. Butter is an ideal moisture barrier. If you have to make and pack a sandwich, butter can keep the bread from getting soggy from sandwich ingredients like tomatoes and damp lunch meats.

Save the unsalted butter for baking. Save the unflavored butter for…well, nothing. Choose a compound butter flavor to complement your other sandwich ingredients.

Rule 4: toasting is great, but not a requirement

While toasted bread and butter go together like peanut butter and jelly, toasting is not a requirement. With a little bit of softening, any one of the Epicurean Butter flavors could add just the right touch to a cold sandwich (See the full list of flavors here).

Having said that, we like toasted sandwiches, too, including this Caprese Sandwich with Tuscan Herb Butter. Hope you enjoy the recipe!

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