Epicurean Butter Says Hello to HelloFresh Meal Kits

The kids have been at school and extra-curricular activities all day. You’ve been at work and shuttling kids around town. It’s 6:00 and the whole family is tired and hungry. Everyone is asking “what’s for dinner?” but you don’t want fast food or take out again. What do you do?

At Epicurean Butter, our mission is to make wholesome, home-prepared meals delicious and easy to cook. 

Some people want simple recipes and quality ingredients delivered right to their door. Some people just want ideas and recipes. No matter your preference, Epicurean Butter has you covered.

HelloFresh meal kits

Epicurean single-serve are convenient and flavorful packets of chef-created butter blends and are wonderful for busy, back-to-school lifestyles. They are perfectly designed for the burgeoning meal kit market.

HelloFresh meal kit dinners can be made in 30 minutes using simple techniques and low (or no) prep ingredients. They include pre-measured, carefully selected ingredients and all of the instruction you need to put a wholesome meal on the dinner table. We are thrilled that HelloFresh customers can find Epicurean single-serve packets in their meal kits in September!

Keep your eyes open for even more meal kit options as Epicurean Butter continues to expand in the meal kit market!

Easy, wholesome recipes

If you’re not a HelloFresh customer, you can still make wholesome and fast meals at home. These are some of our family favorites, and they can be made in minutes with just a few simple ingredients.

What are some of your favorite ways to make easy and wholesome meals at home? Have you received a HelloFresh meal kit with Epicurean Butter? We’d love to hear about it!


Read more about how Epicurean Single-Serve Packets have been shaking up the culinary industry, and find even more delicious recipes here.

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