Campfire Cooking Is Easy With Epicurean Butter

Labor Day weekend is coming up and, for some of us, it’s our last chance to squeeze in a camping trip before the end of summer. We love camping for the fresh air, the hiking, the time to unplug with family and friends, but let’s be honest — what we really love is the food. The s’mores, the strong coffee, the smoky meats and vegetables...everything tastes better when it’s cooked over an open fire after a day spent in the outdoors.

Eating well when you’re camping can be simple, especially when you have ingredients that pack a lot of gourmet flavor into a convenient little package. Campfire cooking is easy with Epicurean Butter.

These are some of our favorite ways to make flavorful camping meals that are as easy to make as they are to pack and clean up.


    • Skip the heavy bottle of syrup and pack Epicurean Maple Syrup Butter for your pancakes and waffles instead.
    • Make your scrambled eggs more flavorful by cooking them in our Tuscan Herb or Black Truffle Butter.
    • Stir one of our sweet butter flavors into coffee, hot cocoa, smear it on muffins, bread, toast, or croissants.

Lunch and dinner

    • Make a hobo pack by wrapping up in foil your choice of veggies and meat, a tablespoon or two of Epicurean finishing butter, salt and pepper, and cooking right on the hot coals. Try mushrooms with Epicurean White Truffle Butter, potatoes with 100% Organic Roasted Garlic, and carrots and Maple Syrup Butter.
    • Marinate a flank steak in a baggie at home, pack it in the cooler, and it will be ready to go when you are. After grilling, finish it with Epicurean Tuscan Herb Butter.
    • Cut a baguette in half, spread some Roasted Garlic Herb Butter on both sides, wrap in foil and place over the fire.


    • Spread Cinnamon & Brown Sugar Butter on slices of pound cake. Grill lightly and top with fruit and whipped cream or mascarpone.
    • Top a toasted marshmallow with butter for a gluten-free treat.


What are some of your favorite ways to use Epicurean Butter for your campfire cooking?

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