5 Reasons Cooking With Flavored Butter Is Better

Since the pandemic started, and even somewhat before, culture was trending in a direction of slowing things down and simplifying. People have an urge to reduce the clutter and the bells and whistles now.

Maybe you’re getting back to the basics too, whether you’ve got a New Year’s resolution to cook at home more, try new recipes, or feed your family better in 2022.

5 reasons cooking with flavored butter is better

1. Simplify your prep and shopping

Take Epicurean Butter Roasted Garlic Herb Flavored Butter as an example. You can use it to make homemade croutons for your salad course, garlic bread for the table, and to complement seafood main courses.

Simplify your grocery list by reaching for a flexible ingredient that can enhance multiple dishes, like flavored butter. Sometimes also referred to as “compound” or “finishing” butter, this ingredient can do much more than just finish dishes. Flavored butter is a multi-use item that levels up meat, fish, pasta, bread, and more—all without having to shop for those herbs or measure out those spices every time you want to add it to a dish.

2. Save time in the kitchen

You don’t need as much overall prep with pre-flavored butter, because you don’t need to chop herbs, measure out spices, etc. to supplement plain butter or create your own flavored version from scratch. This cuts down on the amount of time you spend hunching over a stove and gives you more time to actually sit at the table enjoying your family and friends.

3. Make anything and everything taste better

It's simple - everything is better with butter. But butter with flavors like black and white truffles, roasted garlic, or cinnamon takes it a step further. Fettuccine alfredo? Creamier. Graham cracker pie crust? Cinnamon-ier. Mac and cheese? Truffle-ier.

4. Do more than just “finish” a dish

Bake, sauté, spread over bread, smother your next corn on the cob, smooth it over pancakes and waffles, melt it over popcorn, flavor your next pasta dish, etc.

Anything you can do with regular butter, you can do with Epicurean Butter.

5. Create chef-level food with minimal effort

With flavored butter, you can feel empowered to be the star chef of your home, regardless of your knife skills or culinary experience.
Make restaurant-quality steak or scallops easily at home.

Answers to some FAQs

Why do chefs cook with butter?

Chefs cook with butter because it makes everything taste better.

“[Butter] is usually the first thing and the last thing in just about every pan. That’s why restaurant food tastes better than home food a lot of the time—butter,” Anthony Bourdain said on an episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Is it OK to use butter for cooking?

Over the years, butter got a bad reputation, but it’s rising in popularity again as we start to reexamine our relationship with different kinds of fats and the ingredients in oils.

Should I cook with butter or oil or margarine?

Consider function - fragrance, carrier, searing, richness, flavor, wetness, etc. Learn more about butter versus oil here.

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