A Sweet Victory: Epicurean Butter Wins a FABI Award

We're thrilled to share some sweet news from our kitchen to yours: our Maple Syrup Flavored Butter has been honored with a FABI Award! This recognition from the National Restaurant Association celebrates food and beverage products that break new ground in taste, creativity, and marketability. Our Maple Syrup butter stands out not just for its delicious flavor but for its innovative approach to everyday gourmet cooking.

What is the FABI Award?

The Food and Beverage Innovation (FABI) Awards, hosted annually by the National Restaurant Association, honor the most creative and palate-pleasing products that push boundaries. 

The FABI Awards are not just any accolade; they're a mark of excellence and innovation in the food service world, recognizing products that make significant impacts on food and beverage trends. As winners, we join a distinguished group of innovators who are shaping the future of eating and drinking. This award highlights our commitment to quality and our passion for bringing gourmet flavors to every kitchen, making everything taste better.

The award-winning taste of Maple Syrup butter

Our Maple Syrup butter is a testament to our philosophy: simple ingredients and extraordinary flavors. Made with real maple syrup, this butter captures the essence of authentic sweetness, perfectly balanced with creamy richness. It’s this dedication to pure, high-quality ingredients that won the hearts—and palates—of the FABI judges.

Our Maple Syrup butter is incredibly versatile, making it a must-have in any kitchen. Here are just a few ways to enjoy this award-winning butter:

  • Grilled fruit: brush Maple Syrup butter on fresh slices of pineapple or peaches before grilling. The butter will caramelize slightly, adding a rich, sweet flavor that complements the natural sugars of the fruit.
  • Popcorn topping: melt Maple Syrup butter and drizzle it over freshly popped popcorn for a sweet and salty snack that's perfect for movie nights.
  • Sweet potato boost: mix Maple Syrup butter into mashed sweet potatoes for an extra layer of flavor, transforming a simple side dish into something special.
  • French toast upgrade: use Maple Syrup butter instead of regular butter when making French toast. Add a dollop on top of the finished dish to enhance its maple flavor.
  • Coffee or hot chocolate stirrer: place a small spoonful of Maple Syrup butter into a hot beverage like coffee or hot chocolate for a touch of sweetness and complexity.
  • Glaze for baked goods: melt Maple Syrup butter and use it as a glaze for pastries, muffins, or breads right out of the oven.

The impact of winning a FABI Award

Winning a FABI Award is more than an honor—it’s an opportunity to share our passion for flavored butter with an even wider audience. This recognition not only boosts our brand’s visibility but also reaffirms our mission to provide exceptional culinary products that inspire creativity in the kitchen.

At Epicurean Butter, we believe every meal is an opportunity to celebrate. In being recognized by such a discerning group with this prestigious award, we are more motivated than ever to continue innovating, customizing, and expanding our line of flavored butter. We promise to keep delivering products that not only taste extraordinary but also bring a touch of gourmet to everyday meals.

Join us in celebrating this sweet success

We invite you to try our FABI award-winning Maple Syrup butter and see how it might complement what you’re creating in your own kitchen. Celebrate with us and see why this butter is not just good—it’s FABI-lous!


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