Why You Should Consider Wholesale Buying for Your Meal Kits and Sides

It’s a good time to be in the meal kit and frozen food business. Statista predicts that the meal kit industry will be worth $11.6 billion by 2022 in the United States. The popularity of these cook-it-yourself options has especially flourished during the pandemic, as many Americans have discovered the joy of creating restaurant-quality meals at home.

However, as supply and demand remain unpredictable alongside the ebb and flow of the pandemic, it can be hard to know what you need on hand as you operate a business that offers these types of food products and services. Luckily, buying wholesale elements like Epicurean Butter is one innovative solution to this issue.

So, why wholesale buying? We’ll dive into a few of the main reasons below.

What can wholesale buying do for your business?

Less handling and packaging

In addition to the financial benefits of buying in bulk, wholesale costs remain low because the products require less handling and packaging on your end.

Think about it: let’s say you want to offer garlic herb seasoned frozen potatoes for your consumers because you know they’d rather just have to buy one thing than heat the potatoes and then season them and add butter separately. By the time you buy all the ingredients to flavor butter and then package it up to add to the frozen potatoes, you’ve handled multiple ingredients and have gone through several different packaging processes. When you purchase Epicurean Butter 1 oz squeeze packets or 1 oz dollops in bulk to add to your potatoes, handling and packaging time (and cost) are cut significantly.

Wholesale is also a highly sustainable option compared to the alternative. Especially these days, customers care about ensuring they’re giving their money to sustainable brands, so this isn’t an issue to take lightly. In fact, sustainability is rated as an important purchase criterion for 60 percent of global consumers, according to Business Wire.

When you buy wholesale products to add to your meal and side offerings, you can have peace of mind knowing you’re being environmentally conscious–and that you’ll be rewarded for it. 

Long Term Cost Savings

Regardless of whether business is booming or you’re actively needing to cut costs to keep the doors open, purchasing wholesale elements like Epicurean Butter is one great way to save without sacrificing any quality or creativity.

Let’s break down the savings with some numbers:

At Epicurean butter, we sell a five-pound tub of spreadable roasted garlic butter for $21.66. To make five pounds of that butter on your own, you’d have to spend about $13 on ingredients, and it would take around 35 minutes. When you factor in the labor cost at $20 an hour, that’s $25. That means buying Epicurean Butter at wholesale saves you $3 per unit, which will lead to significant savings over time. This is just one example of how buying wholesale can save you money in the long run. 

Get Time and Labor Back

Speaking of time and money, providing quality ingredients for consumers is perhaps the most important part of creating a fantastic meal kit or side dish. Since the cooking itself is in the hands of the buyer, they’re relying on you to source the best possible elements. But when you create those ingredients yourself, that takes a great deal of time and labor you could be using to perfect your craft, experiment with new recipes or streamline your operations.

That’s why buying wholesale can be so beneficial. Sure, you could take the time and energy to make your own flavored butter or source all the ingredients that go into flavored butter–but why would you, when you could save yourself the trouble and buy great-tasting compound butter that’s ready for your consumer?

How Epicurean Butter can help

If you want to cut down on the costs, time, and labor that goes into selling meal kits and prepackaged meals and sides, Epicurean Butter is here to help.

We make it easy to provide top-notch ingredients to your consumers with our premium flavored butter. You can say goodbye to the added labor of flavoring butter or putting the work on your consumers and have peace of mind knowing that we’re delivering on quality, flavor, and convenience for both you and your customers.

We understand the labor, cost, and operational obstacles you face when trying to increase efficiency, keep up with trends and creativity, and create cutting-edge offers for consumers. Our chef-created, premium flavored butter, along with our expertise and innovative research and development team, are ready to establish a true partnership that serves as a real solution to help simplify your processes and lower your overall costs. Quality and taste reliability in your wholesale butter supplier is possible with Epicurean Butter.

As a trusted, innovative creator of premium flavored butter, we seek to empower our partners through convenience, simplicity, labor and ingredient cost control, and—above all—consistent quality. Connect with a member of our Sales Team to discuss how we can create a custom partnership together.

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