Everything to Know About European-Style Butter

Are you wondering what European-style butter is? Before we dive into that, let's look at how butter is made. The basics: cows produce milk → cream comes from milk → cream is pasteurized → pasteurized cream is churned into butter.

Everything to know about European-style butter and how to use it

What Is European-Style Butter?

European-style butter is butter that is churned longer to achieve at least 82% butterfat. Pretty simple, right?

What’s the Difference Between Regular Butter and European-Style Butter?

American butter has 80% butterfat, while European style has at least 82%. A higher butterfat content means it contains less water, it's richer in taste, creamier in texture, brighter in color, and has a faster melt-ability.

How Do You Use European-Style Butter?

A good rule of thumb is that European-style butter is the best choice when the flavor of butter is needed as much as its purpose. Meaning, European style is good to use when you're making something that requires a buttery taste, like (garlic parmesan) butter noodles, a buttered bagel, or steak finished with (black truffle) butter.


With that said, European-style butter, like Epicurean Butter, can be used just like regular butter. There's no going wrong if you use European-style butter instead of regular butter. We use it in everything, and our food always tastes good, even when we mess up a recipe.



With 82% butterfat, Epicurean Butter is still the great tasting flavored butter it's always been, now just richer and creamier.



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