Everything You Need to Know About Black Truffle Butter

To foodies, truffles are a symbol of decadence. While winter white truffles are the most rare and expensive type of truffle—with their unique smell and garlicky taste—black truffles are still a pricey addition to your pasta in fine dining restaurants. The solution to incorporating this indulgent ingredient into your cooking without breaking the bank? Black truffle butter.

What is truffle butter? 

Truffle butter is exactly what it sounds like: butter blended with bits of black truffles. At Epicurean Butter, our version features fresh, creamy European-style butter studded with dark, chewy pieces of Italian black truffle. Truffles are known for their strong flavor, so your taste buds will definitely get the benefit of that signature black truffle flavor through the butter.

You might be tempted to just grab a bottle of truffle oil at the supermarket instead, but be warned. Most truffle oil just has truffle flavoring in it, not real truffles. So you might save a few pennies, but you aren’t getting real ingredients like you do with black truffle butter.

Is a truffle a mushroom?

Don’t confuse these truffles with that chocolate treat you love with a creamy middle! A truffle is a fungi and often referred to as a type of mushroom, but there’s an argument that they’re technically not since they grow underneath the ground rather than above. Some people actually compare them more to potatoes than mushrooms. You can eat black truffles raw, but their flavor is almost non-existent in that state.

What does black truffle butter taste like?

As you can imagine since they grow under the ground and often get compared to mushrooms, black truffles have an earthy, musky taste. Their flavor elements are much more intense than many mushrooms. They can be quite pungent, so it’s best to go mild with any other flavor elements. For example, if you’re using truffle butter on steak, stick to just salt and pepper as additional seasoning.

What is black truffle butter used for?

Here are some of our favorite ways to use black truffle butter:

Butter up your beef

After cooking your beef, whether it’s steak, tenderloin, or filet mignon, let it rest for five minutes with a scoop of black truffle butter on top before serving. Watch the butter melt and enjoy!

Liven up the Thanksgiving turkey

It can be as simple as finishing the turkey right on your plate with a scoop of black truffle butter. While you’re at it, add a touch of black truffle butter to your mashed potatoes or spread it on your hot rolls, too.

Other ways to use black truffle butter in your turkey:

    • Place 4-5 tablespoons of black truffle butter beneath the turkey skin during the last 30 minutes of cooking.
    • Create a black truffle butter and white wine gravy. Your guests will love it!
    Upgrade your popcorn

    Having a movie night and want more than just regular buttered popcorn? Just melt some black truffle butter over your popcorn after popping. With no extra effort, you’ll get popcorn that you won’t be able to stop thinking about. You’re welcome.

    Elevate your mac and cheese

    Make your macaroni and cheese truly restaurant-quality by incorporating truffle butter into your classic homemade recipe. The key? Fold the butter into the pasta immediately after you drain it before adding the rest of your ingredients. Then after you bake your dish, melt more truffle butter on top for extra richness. If you’re feeling truly fancy, go for our white truffle butter. You can use either in this recipe. 


    Honestly, everything is better with butter, and it’s hard to go wrong adding black truffle butter to any savory dish.


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